Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I have been quiet lately...too much travel for the J.O.B.  I am home for a few weeks and have LOTS of sewing planned.  I am suffering from withdrawals.

I did accomplish some learning while I was away!  I found this fabulous place in Indianapolis called The French Seam.  Lovely shop with fabulous fiber finds-from couture clothes to crafty goodness.  I also love that the shop is the dream of a mother-daughter duo.  They offer wonderful class selections and I would love to go back and take a couture dress "boot camp".  I was very fortunate to take some private classes with a teacher, Teresa.  She taught me English paper piecing and hand embroidery.  These are things my mom doesn't like and I had no experience at all.  I love hand work!!  How convenient since I travel all the time...

I am putting my new lessons to good use.  I decided to do the Easiest Sew Along Ever.  Love the idea of being inspired by something and using your stash to make something (ANYTHING!).

My inspiration is a quilt that I made several years ago with the Pop Garden fabric line that Westminster Fabrics had several years ago.  I am making lots of hexies from the remnants of this quilt to make a beautiful swatch of fabric. I am planning a really utilitarian little project that I wanted to complete...I will keep you posted! 

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  1. Can't wait to see what your lessons turn out! :o)


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