Friday, January 25, 2013

How do you discard your needles and blades?

After getting stuck more than once by pins, machine needles or rotary blades in the process of throwing them away...I decided to recycle a used Crystal Light container as a sharp disposal.  Not only am I finding another purpose for the container, but there are no needles or blades in the trash!  

Plotting and planning

I am planning a business.  Not to become wealthy...but hopefully to bring satisfaction and joy.  I am planning carefully and not rushing in headlong.  I want to carefully consider my options and make choices with thought.  I am actually savoring this time while I am plotting the launch of:
Tiara Quilts and Sewing.
So the other piece is that my trusty Bernina had to be repaired.  Although I had it on a surge protector, the circuit board was fried.  There is a backlog at the repair center and I wait.  I am looking at that as a good thing.  I have used the time to be mindful and determine my focus for projects.  I have also been taking in the landscape and checking out all of the other amazingly creative women who put so much of themselves into their craft.  I am in awe.
This is a positive and exciting thing and I am really looking forward to the creativity and success of completing beautiful projects.  So, if you have come by to see who I am...please stop back again soon!  Much more to come!