Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why do I love sew-alongs?

In the last six months, I have participated in several sew-alongs and gift exchanges.  People who know me well have asked me why???  Here are the many reasons why I love sew-alongs:

1.  I am very introverted and shy.  In an online sew-along, I have enjoyed meeting many like-minded people and sharing ideas/encouragement/frustration/etc... with everyone else making the project.  I have met people from around the world.  How cool is that?

2.  My schedule does not permit participation in many face to face classes.  I would love to sign up for more classes, but I can't make that work with my life.  Sew-alongs are like a class on your own time.

Easy As Pie Quilt designed by Jamie of Busy Bee Quilt
February 2013 Sew Along with 1choice4quilting
3.  I LOVE LEARNING!!!  I just finished this really fun quilt with 1choice4quilting (yes, I will be doing the March one, also!) and I learned so many phenomenal things.  Like pinning vertically and horizontally when attaching long borders.  Like how to make a perfect pinwheel.  I am thoroughly inspired by the amazing generosity of people teaching other people how to be awesome.

4.  Improving productivity.  Truth is, most people are more productive with a deadline.  I am motivated to keep on track with the project so that I can receive assistance if I need it, be eligible for fabulous prizes and finish on time.

Need some motivation?  Want to connect with other people who love to quilt and sew?  Here are the things I am participating in over the next few weeks, why don't you join me?

1choice4quilting HoneyHoney Argyled Quilt (designed by Quilty Habit)
Ellie Inspired Ruffle Halter Dress
Sisters Ten BOM from GenXQuilters

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Follow your passion!

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray. -Rumi
Packing for a recent business trip

My cousin recently posted this saying from Rumi and the meaning resonates with me.  My "career" consists of employment that is frustrating and leaves me feeling empty.  I work hard. I rely on that income to maintain my household. I may never be able to be a "stay at home" quilter.  To top it off, I travel frequently for my job.  All of these are reasons that I should not pursue a new business selling my quilted creations.  Except for one thing:  it is my passion.  It gives me reason to breathe and puts a lift in my step (when I know I am heading to the sewing room!).  I will be drawn by the pull of what I love and I will pursue that with zeal!

Packing for a recent business trip had me a little blue...a whole week with no progress towards a new quilt.  No sewing.   No fabric.  I actually started having delirium tremens.  I decided that was rubbish!  I pulled a bigger suitcase out of the closet and packed my 24X18 cutting mat, rotary cutter, ruler and several quilts to cut out.  I will not be deterred!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Learning new techniques keeps me inspired!

Laying out the rows for the heart design

The finished center
The Queen Mum and I signed up for a class. We just needed an infusion of some new technique and inspiration.  This class happened to fit into both of our schedules-The Valentine Twister Quilt.  I read the pattern...wasn't sure that I was excited.  This technique requires you to put the quilt together twice.  That seems counterintuituve!
But the results are awesome.  We had a great time!  Mum and I were able to spend some time together, met some great new people and learned an intersting technique.  This heart will make a beautiful center to a quilt that will be available soon!