Friday, January 25, 2013

Plotting and planning

I am planning a business.  Not to become wealthy...but hopefully to bring satisfaction and joy.  I am planning carefully and not rushing in headlong.  I want to carefully consider my options and make choices with thought.  I am actually savoring this time while I am plotting the launch of:
Tiara Quilts and Sewing.
So the other piece is that my trusty Bernina had to be repaired.  Although I had it on a surge protector, the circuit board was fried.  There is a backlog at the repair center and I wait.  I am looking at that as a good thing.  I have used the time to be mindful and determine my focus for projects.  I have also been taking in the landscape and checking out all of the other amazingly creative women who put so much of themselves into their craft.  I am in awe.
This is a positive and exciting thing and I am really looking forward to the creativity and success of completing beautiful projects.  So, if you have come by to see who I am...please stop back again soon!  Much more to come!

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