Saturday, April 6, 2013

Covert Robin: Giving and Receiving

The gift I sent...
I might have mentioned before that my Covert Robin gift was giving me supreme anxiety.  I was excited when I signed up.  Then, I got my recipient's name and I freaked out a little bit.  She sells her purse patterns and is a prolific blogger and creator.  AAAACK!

Then, the Queen Mum and I were taking a free motion quilting class...and we found the cutest purse pattern.  The All Ruffled Up purse by Bella Nonna.  That was the ticket!  I went to one of my favorite purveyor of fine fabric, Quilts Plus in Indianapolis, and waited for inspiration to find me.  And it did!  I decided on the Art Gallery Fabric line called Rock'n'Romance in the Heartbreaker colorway by Pat Bravo.  Now, I just needed time to sew...

I travel for my job.  Monday through Friday, I am away from home.  I am on a particularly draining assignment right now and I was running out of time for my gift.  Queen Mum and I planned a big sewing weekend to work on the project together.  I cut the pattern out and she was coming over to my sewing room for the day.  Before we could sew, lunch was in order.  At Pei Wei, we received this awesome fortune:

We could not be stopped with that fortuitous advice!  I like this so much, I taped the fortune onto my sewing machine. :)

After many hours of work on the construction, here is the final product.

I love the ruffles!
This was an absolute dream project to make.  Very fun to sew and everyone is amazed by the complexity.  I was excited to send it off in the mail with a few little treats tucked inside. My recipient was Jennie from Clover and Violet.  She sent me a sweet e-mail and I think she likes it!

On to the best part...The gift I received!

When I arrived home Friday night, there was a package waiting for me from Megan.  YAY!  My gift was, large tote with LOTS of pockets! 


My Kindle fits in the end pockets perfectly!  I love this bag and will use it constantly!  Thanks Megan-you sent me the perfect thing!
The Covert Robin gift swap was fun and I enjoyed looking at all of the lovely projects everyone made.