Sunday, March 10, 2013

Freaking out about gift swap!

I signed up for the Covert Robin gift swap with Rachael of Imagine Gnats.  I was excited when I signed up.  I am now freaking out.

First of all, I got an excellent pick for my gift recipient, but it will be a little intimidating to send her something.  I have spent a lot of time reviewing her blog (she clearly loves aqua and red) and thinking about what will best highlight my crafting prowess.  I am coming up with a big ZERO.  What do you make for someone who designs patterns for all the stuff you like to make?  AAACK!

I can't wait for an epiphany or divine intervention.  This stuff is "due" in a few weeks and I am gone all week for work.  I have decided to go to my personal sewing mecca and hope that there is something fabulous that jumps off the shelf at me.   Short of that, I will be making her a dyed macaroni necklace.


  1. I fall on the other end of the spectrum with my person -- the blog that they have has few posts and even fewer posts about crafting projects that she has made. To combat this I decided to make her something that I knew I would love and that falls outside of the things that she makes. one of her goals is to learn to crochet or knit and I crochet so I am making something from her. You could do with one of her favorite color. Or bring in an inspiration of hers into the project that you send that way she knows you really wanted to show how she has inspired you

  2. You can do it! Thanks for joining up with our fun gift swap! Just because someone designs patterns, doesn't mean they won't appreciate something you make and send!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. I went to my FAVORITE quilt shop in the world...found some AMAZING fabric that I had never seen in person before...and now I can hardly wait to get home to the sewing room!! So excited!

  4. How cute would a dyed macaroni necklace be!!! I hope inspiration hits at your sewing mecca.

  5. I'm browsing the fellow Covert Robin participant blogs this afternoon, and I totally laughed out loud at your suggestion of sending a macaroni necklace! I sew a lot, and I'm overwhelmed by the sewing that my gift recipient does. She makes absolutely incredible quilts, where I'm more of a clothing/bag person. I wonder what she'd think of a macaroni necklace? :) I'm sure that your receiver will be thrilled with your gift!

  6. I'm sure whatever it is you make will be well appreciated by your partner. Sure she might make great things but so do you and she'll appreciate that you've put your skills into making something specially for her. :)

    If in doubt add sweets. :)

    p.s. did you know you have word verification on?

  7. ha. yours HAS a blog.... mine doesn't. and her FB page is all locked down so I can't even FBstalk her and try to get in her head a bit....

    melle @


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